Digital Inclusion

With the staged introduction of Universal Credit (UC) underway, Housing Association-Tenant relationships have never been more important. Under UC, tenants will be obliged to manage their own money and take on responsibility for paying their own housing fees directly to the association via an online account; a major shift for associations and tenants alike.
But not only universal credit but also in developing needed employment skills and combatting social isolation digital literacy becomes vital. And residents of social housing often have less access to the Internet than the general population. So there is now an effort from social landlords, government and community groups to address this problem. These videos reflect the problem and the solution

Universal Credit – housing associations in the North West share their experiences

Universal Credit has been live in areas of the North West for over a year now. Staff and tenants from Golden Gates Housing Trust, New Charter and Ashton Pioneer Homes talk about their experiences with Universal Credit including online applications, money management and changes they’ve made.

Why social housing should be "digital by default"

Technology is the only way to meet the twin imperatives of social housing: letting landlords deliver more for less while fulfilling core social commitments to tenants: increasing financial literacy, education, employability, reducing social isolation...

Advancing Employment Opportunities for Young People

Jamie McAuliffe, President and CEO of Education for Employment, joins Jill Huntley to discuss youth employment, and our Skills to Succeed partnership aimed at equipping over 10,000 young people across five countries with digital literacy and foundational skills..

Future Jobs - Digital Literacy

\Many students around the world are studying for jobs that don't exist yet. At the UNSW Careers and Employment Expo, we asked some of our students about the skills they think will be most important in the future. Skills that might help you thrive in a new world of roles like middleware integrator or data scientist. Here we talk about the value of digital literacy. What do you think? What's your take on jobs of the future?

Digital Skills / Digital Literacy

Adults tell how learning computer skills lets them do more for themselves, family, and children, and gives them confidence in work and in life. Leaders and participants say how 2020's Computers in Homes and Stepping UP help.

Digital literacy and why it matters

Digital literacy is a term you may have heard more about during the past few years, but what does it mean and why is it important?

Digital Inclusion Project

The Digital Inclusion Project is a community-university partnership aimed at improving digital literacy especially within underserved populations in Lawrence and the greater Kansas City area. Students in the KU School of Journalism and Mass Communications who earn a certificate in digital literacy training will serve as Digital Inclusion Ambassadors working with area nonprofit organizations to help close the digital divide that remains a significant issue in our community.

Measuring Progress Toward Financial and Digital Inclusion

The Brookings Financial and Digital Inclusion Project’s 2015 Report and Scorecard evaluate progress toward financial inclusion in 21 countries around the world, with an emphasis on digital financial services such as mobile money...

Martha Lane Fox talks digital inclusion (animated)

Here we have the Martha Lane Fox talking about the worrying implications of the UK’s growing division in digital skills and access. 

Digital Inclusion in a nutshell

Government Digital inclusion programme