Since the emergence of so-called 'Islamic State' (ISIS) in the Spring and Summer of 2014, the cases of young Muslims from Europe joining ISIS in Syria have garnered considerable media attention. And especially the fact that dozens of young women have decided to migrate to the Middle East and join ISIS has raised many questions.

What is Extremism?

What is extremism? And who are extremists? In this video, we will answer these questions.


This webinar with Mandy Sanghera, Francis Sealey was created by the (wlp)°- partner GlobalNet21.

How Australia's Young Muslim Men Are Getting Radicalised

Relations between Australia’s Muslim community and the rest of the population are near to exploding. As they face increasing suspicion and hostility from the rest of the nation, young Australian Muslims are being made to feel like foreigners in their own country.

Why young people become radicalised

Dr Suraj Lakhani, Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Sociology, describes how his research into youth subcultures can help inform government policies on terrorism.

Prevent Awareness Week 2015

This short video captures what PREVENT Teams around the East Midlands including Lincolnshire have been involved in this week during National PREVENT Awareness Week. PREVENT Teams have been busy briefing and raising awareness with key partners, Police and communities about PREVENT and what can collectively be done to identify and support individuals who might be vulnerable to radicalisation.

A Way Out From Violent Extremism | Robert Örell | TEDxVilnius

Every day and wherever we are there will be reports about violent extremists in the news. We hear about the horrifying attacks of ISIS and Al Qaeda, we hear about attacks on refugee camps, of bombings and shootings, and lone-wolf attacks. We hear about right-wing extremists spreading in Europe. What they all have in common is spreading fear and violence. And all of them claim to represent the truth, the only truth, that even validates the use of violence towards others. In this talk Robert shares his experience in helping people to get out of such groups and start a new life

Tom Holland 'De-Radicalising Muhammad'

What has Isis done, that Mohammed did not do? Tom Holland delivers the 'Christopher Hitchens Lecture' from Hay Festival 2015.