Universal Basic Income

An unconditional basic income is a form of social security system in which all citizens or residents of a country regularly receive an unconditional sum of money, either from a government or some other public institution, in addition to any income received from elsewhere.(see: Wikipedia)This theme covers videos discussing pros and cons of a basic income. 

Brian Eno on basic income

Brian Eno speaking at 'Basic Income: How do we get there?' Basic Income UK meet-up at St Clements Church Kings Square, London, 3 December 2015.

Basic income and other ways to fix capitalism | Federico Pistono | TEDxHaarlem

Old ideologies are outdated in the face of exponential change; we need to embrace a more holistic and adaptive system. I believe experiments with unconditional basic income, coupled with the utilization of crypto currencies and blockchain-based technologies, will help us find the answers.

Why we should give everyone a basic income | Rutger Bregman | TEDxMaastricht

 In September 2013 Bregman joined the online journalism platform De Correspondent. His article on basic income was nominated for the European Press Prize and was published by The Washington Post. In September 2013 Bregman joined the online journalism platform ‘De Correspondent’. His article on basic income was nominated for the European Press Prize and was subsequently also published by the American newspaper The Washington Post.

Critical Thinking: 5 questions on Basic Income

A recent Critical Thinking session discussed basic income or citizens dividend. We explored some of the issues and concerns which are invariably raised in opposition to the idea of an unconditional, universal payment to every citizen.

For and against "Basic Income"

World Finance hosts a debate about unconditional basic income between Co-President of the Basic Income Earth Network Guy Standing, economist and financial journalist Liam Halligan and former banker and economics commentator Frances Coppola. Unconditional basic income: is it the answer to Europe's unemployment problems and economic inequality, or a misguided macroeconomic policy that could do more harm than good? Guy Standing, Liam Halligan and Frances Coppola relay their expert opinions in this special World Finance debate.

Yanis Varoufakis Basic Income is a Necessity

Technical change turns Basic Income into a necessity Future of Work – 04.05.2016, Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute. Keynote Yanis Varoufakis (GRE), former Greek Minister of Finance 

Universal Basic Income Has Begun

Jenna van Draanen, Basic Income Canada Network all join Thom. What would happen if we simply gave every living person a stipend to live? It might sound like a fantasy - but they're about to give it a try in Canada.