Democracy in Transformation

On this theme-site, (wlp)° will collect videos related to the question how we can recreate and renew democracy so that it can once again connect with citizens.

You can, find a number of videos from the UK, Canada and the United States – uncovering the weakness of two-party-systems and the power of bureaucracy, follow George Washington’s fundamental critics on parties, watch a report of a debate in India about transparency and privacy of party activities, attend a presentation by Noam Chomsky on “Democracy’s Endgame?”, followed by a conversation among him , Arundhati Roy, and Amy Goodman, or refresh you historical knowledge and philosophical background with an introduction into John Locke’s political theory.

UK political party membership dropping (07Aug13)

From UK: Political party membership droppingA look at the dropping membership of all main political parties in the UK. With Labour’s Lord Glasman and Conservative Douglas Carswell discussing. Recorded from BBC2 HD, Newsnight, 07 August 2013.

Fourth Branch of Government

From Canada: Fourth Branch of GovernmentOur crumbling political system has seen too much political power accumulating in the Prime Minister’s office and with party leaders, but John Robson warns that real authority may have seeped away into bureaucracy.

George Washington's Warning about "Party Politics"

From US: George Washington’s Warning about “Party Politics” This video performs surprising statements of George Washington on parties: according to George Washington, political parties sharpen the spirit of revenge, lead to despotism and destroy liberty.

The Problems with First Past the Post Voting Explained

The Problems with First Past the Post Voting Explained “The winner takes it all” – a principle that automatically leads into a two-party-system and thus often excludes the majority of voices and votes from the political decision making process.

Is A Two Party System Really Democracy? - M.o.C #28

Is a two- party system really democracy? The creators of this video come up with a number of arguments that point out why this is not the case and what could be done about it.

What is Liquid Democracy? - NetrootsUK

From Germany: What is Liquid Democracy? – NetrootsUK Blogger Jon Worth talks to visionOntv about Liquid Democracy and the German Pirate Party, and how UK political parties can learn from them.